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May 12, 2020
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October 27, 2020
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Back On Track

Back on Track

As many of you know - the 2020 COVID pandemic has caused huge disruptions to everything, families, jobs, and general day to day tasks have become more difficult. The NHS and Key workers around the country are doing an amazing job, and as we navigate these difficult times, we all need to pull together and try to remember what matters.

For the most part a lot of training as been put on hold, A2 and DAS (direct access) has been paused indefinitely, Tests have been cancelled and delayed. However, we are currently offering CBT's to key workers to help aids in keeping them mobile. (although this will hopefully soon change, and our full range of training will be available as soon as we get the go ahead form DVSA).



A huge congratulations to Matt and Charlotte on completing their cbts yesterday, it was a pleasure guys, see you back for your DAS. Matt has done a cbt before elsewhere on a 125cc and Charlotte was upgrading from a moped cbt to a geared bike, a great day had by all, including myself

If you need some training, confidence, auto to geared CBT or anything elese head on over to our Facebook page HERE or pop on over to our CONTACT PAGE and send us a message.