CBT Course

A Valid CBT is a legal requirement for anyone wishing to ride a 50cc or 125cc ,and over. For licence holders of a full licence issued after February 2001, a CBT will validate your full moped entitlement.

The CBT (Compulsary Basic Training) is an introduction to motorcycling this can be done on its own or part of a full licence course.

You must be 16 years and over and hold a provisional licence. (Although, you can apply for it at 15 years and 9 months old).

Your CBT training will begin in an off road stress free environment, your day will start with an eyesight check ( if you normally wear glasses or contact lenses bring them with you) we will ask you to read a number plate at the distance of around 67.25 feet or 20.5 metres.

The day is split into 5 sections

1: Check to make sure you have the correct licence, the eye test (read a number plate from 20.5m) and a general discussion on suitable motorcycle clothes and the legal requirements.

2: Introducing you to the motorcycle, talking through the controls and their functions. Pushing the bike around, getting used to the weight and getting on and off the bike, and stopping starting the bike. Things like basic safety checks will also be covered in this section

3: Riding the bike, this is done in a safe environment away from the road. At Riverview we have our own dedicated paddock away from any roads or distractions. enabling you to concentrate on what matters, getting a feel for the bike.

4: This is a classroom session, it covers being able to identify and deal with hazards before you head out for a ride which is our last section, part 5.

5: Be free, not quite, this is the session that is the culmination of everything you have learnt that day, This is a practical on road session, usually taking at least two hours, you will be in constant radio contact with your instructor. The ride will cover most road types and test the skills you have acquired through the day.


On the day of training you must be able to:

  • Have the correct licence card: either UK driving, provisional or EU licence with UK counterpart licence number
  • Have your National Insurance number
  • Be able to read a registration plate from 20 meters
  • Speak and understand English and the Highway code to a good level
  • Be able to ride an adult sized bicycle
  • Wear suitable clothing including sturdy jeans and boots
  • Bring a lunch with you. Tea & Coffee is provided free at the classroom location

Full terms and conditions can be found HERE

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